Shot Perforator

The Shot Perforator Device is a patented linear- shaped explosive device designed for decommissioning a water well bore. The objective is to scatter perforate the well’s blank casing while simultaneously injecting a 23-sack slurry neat cement (at 20K PSI) into the well bore’s surrounding formation. The desired result is to inhibit hydraulic cross contamination from the well being decommissioned to any surrounding active wells, potential well sites, or adjacent aquifers. The device consists of three sequentially-timed Shot Perforator sections, virtually eliminating the overpowering effects of like explosive devises while accomplishing the same results. The age, visual integrity, location, depth, construction, and thickness of each well casing all come into play, as the device is custom-made for each individual application. We have decommissioned over 145 wells, and the Shot Perforator method has been accepted in all counties where it was used and by many individual Environmental Health Specialists in Southern California, Colorado, and Nebraska.