Kem-Jet is an explosively-oriented device used to stimulate and chemically rehabilitate existing oil wells. Kem-Jet combines the technologies of Sonar-Jet with Jacam Chemicals LLC. Kem-Jet places and disburses a small amount of concentrated chemical, such as a PI Paraffin disbursement or IC metal etcher directly through the well’s perforations or screen while stimulating deep into its surrounding formation. After Kem-Jet is initiated, using a shield-covered detonator, our custom detonating cord burns the length of the device, encountering a series of pressure compensators placed at five-to-ten-foot intervals. Each pressure compensator produces a 100-millisecond delay or pulse in the fluid as it is being jetted outward. A tube the length of the device disburses the chemical. The tube is affixed to the pressure compensators which remain in place, allowing all Kem-Jet residue to be extracted upon retrieval of the spent device. The device can be used with or without chemicals and comes in five strengths to compensate for pressure head and various well conditions. A junk basket and weight at the bottom of the device catch some of the material deposits flushed in from the formation for analysis.