Sonar-Jet is a patented process which uses a custom-fabricated detonating cord that produces a slower burn rate and has a greater gas-producing capability than a standard detonating cord. Sonar-Jet works by using a mild harmonic frequency of shock waves to disintegrate mineral and bacterial deposits. The detonating cord has a series of pressure compensators to produce a 100-millisecond delay at each compensator point, creating a water pick effect, while pulsing the water at a high velocity back and forth through perforations to deep clean the productive aquifer. Sonar-Jet has 50 years of proven results and costs much less than other less effective well-rehabilitation methods. In fact, Sonar-Jet produces 100% specific capacity results on average and has improved some yields in excess of 400%.


Kem-Jet is an explosively oriented device used to stimulate and chemically rehabilitate existing oil wells. Kem-Jet combines the technologies of Sonar-Jet with Jacam Chemicals LLC. Kem-Jet places and disburses a small amount of concentrated chemical, such as a PI Paraffin disbursement or IC metal etcher directly through the well’s perforations or screen while stimulating deep into its surrounding formation. After Kem-Jet is initiated, using a shield covered detonator, our custom detonating cord burns the length of the device encountering a series of pressure compensators placed at five to ten foot intervals. Each pressure compensator produces a 100 millisecond delay or pulse in the fluid as it is being jetted outward. A tube the length of the device containing the chemical is also disbursed. The tube is affixed to the pressure compensators which remain in place allowing all Kem-Jet residue to be extracted upon retrieval of the spent device. The device can be used with or without chemicals and comes in five strengths to compensate for pressure head and various well conditions. A junk basket and weight at the bottom of the device catch some of the material deposits flushed in from the formation for analysis.

The Shot Perforator

The Shot Perforator Device is a patented linear- shaped explosive device designed for decommissioning a water well bore. The objective is to scatter perforate the well’s blank casing while simultaneously injecting a 23-sack slurry neat cement (at 20K PSI) into the well bore’s surrounding formation. The desired result is to inhibit hydraulic cross contamination from the well being decommissioned to any surrounding active wells, potential well sites, or adjacent aquifers. The device consists of three sequentially-timed Shot Perforator sections, virtually eliminating the overpowering effects of like explosive devises while accomplishing the same results.

The age, visual integrity, location, depth, construction, and thickness of each well casing all come into play, as the device is custom-made for each individual application. We have decommissioned over 300 wells, and the Shot Perforator method has been accepted in all counties used and by many individual Environmental Health Specialists in Southern California, Colorado, and Nebraska.